Observation of the teaching process

In my opinion if I have to choose only one aspect of Downview Primary School is the «spiral curriculum», every teacher works in the same way, same pedagogical principals, routines, rules…

It is possible because there is a hard work behind, there are planning, meeting and arrangements. Normally in a class there are more than one teacher, there are lots of part-time teachers and it is incredible how they coordinate their classes. We have also to take into account that UK has teacher standards, something that we miss in Spain.

Behind the spiral curriculum there is planning, teachers have hours for planning but also they have extra hours of working. They organise the classes in different groups so each student has their own learning objectives according to their level, teachers promote inclusion, they divide the class in three groups (lower – middle –  upper)  and the two groups those are in the side (upper and lower) are promote to improve. They follow a track of every learning objective and they know were every student is in order to support if they see a difficulty, it is anticipation to be proactive.

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