We know how we transfer from short-term memory to long-term memory but we don’t know why our brain selects some information and forgets other.

According to the constructivism theory humans generate knowledge and meaning from an interaction between their experiences and their ideas. Students interact in the school with teachers and partners and after school with family, friends, media, etc.

In the school the interaction teacher-students is collaborative, what do you want to learn? First teacher has to create a need, the student has to want to learn, it has to be interesting to him or her, there is a dual process.


  • What are they learning is useful to them?

  • Can they success in the learning and this success increases their self-esteem?

  • Will they get positive rewards if the learn?

  • If not, will it be consequences?

  • Do they find learning activities fun?

I love TED, I always look for education topics. Tyler DeWirt doesn’t teach science, he teaches «fun» science.

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