Reflection on the learning process

There is always an after and a before in our lives, we are teachers and we know how to teach but can we do it better?

I believe in a change, I think that nowadays something is changing. OCDE said that education is the key to prepare our kids to the future. Jose Antonio Marina (2015) defined this new future with four words:

Volatile – Uncertain – Complex – Ambiguous (VUCA)

Thus, can we teach in the same way those 10 years ago? I don’t think so; we need to introduce «reflexion» in our class. We need to look for good teaching practises, we need to collaborate each other in order to improve our class and use these good practises in our students. Teacher needs real feedback.

As you know I’m a TED follower, there is a theory that says: «we don’t need lot of money to improve the education, we only need to know what are we doing right and repeat it». Record your class and watch it after with a partner or your students, look for what is working and share it!

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