no thinking no learning

What is cognition and how can we define it? Cognition is the leaning thinking process, if there isn’t thinking process, there is not-learning.

And now, according to this reflexion, how can we improve the learning process?

Image that we can develop these skills in our students:

  • To understand own capabilities (to know what you can do)

  • To perceive the difficulties of a task (to know what you can’t do)

  • To create strategies (to know how you can solve it)

If we as teachers are able to develop these skills, we are developing metacognition, cognition about cognition. Cognition and meaningful learning will help students to develop their livelong learning.

Young people not only need a knowledge base, there is not sense in memorising. Knowledge is continually growing and changing, students also need to know how to use this knowledge throughout life. The need to know how to think, to reason, to make informed choices and to respond creatively to challenges and opportunities.

Leaners need to be skilled in problem solving and higher-order thinking (cognition), in order to construct a framework through which to interpret meaning and understanding.

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