In an uncertain future the only key to success is creativity, why is there a domination of academicism in our schools?

Education is the process of developing our natural abilities and rewarding achievements, according to Picasso: «All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.»

We should teach, «creativity thinking» in the schools and develop students natural abilities:

  • Creativity is essential to generate ideas for this uncertain future

  • It’s essential that education that education and training enable people to be flexible and adaptable

Creativity is enriched by feelings, intuition and by playful imagination. We are taught to think in a linear way and it doesn’t match with creativity.

Creativity is on the top of Bloom’s taxonomy and it’s impossible to reach creativity if we don´t pass through the other Bloom’s taxonomy steps. In the past knowledge was the more important; remembering was the only student’s task. Nowadays there is no sense on remembering facts, we have «Mister Google», and we need to teach our student how to be critical, analyse, evaluate the process and finally we need to teach creativity.

In order to teach creativity according to Gerard J.Puccio (2013) there are four stages:

  • Clarifying (ensuring you are asking the right questions)

  • Ideating (exploring as many solutions as possible)

  • Developing & implementing (make sure the idea is practical and convincing to others)

How can our student consume Internet media if they do not create new?

 Further reading:

Out of our mind, learning to be creative. Ken Robinson (2001)

Creativity Rising: Creativity Thinking and Creative Problem Solving in the 21st Century. Gerard J. Puccie (2013)

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