Observation of the learning process

Downview is an «Outstanding School» (2010-2012), that means it provides high quality education, to develop an excitement and enthusiasm for life-long learning.

Students learn by doing and they create their learning journal, they are risk taken to develop own learning and discovering.

In reception the start developing routines that we will see in year six, they promote autonomous learning. Parents can follow student’s progress in the open days and the students’ learning journals. I love the idea of taking photos of students’ work and sticking in their learning journal, it is a easy way to show progress.

In primary stage, students follow the same class’ routines as carpet, corners, discovering… Also there are the same behaviour rules, which make essay for students to respect them.

There are no books or levels, everyone creates their own learning, I will encourage you to know more about their work in their web site.


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