Lesson plans designed

LESSON PLAN   “The little paper boat”
Teachers: Nina and Luis Date: 9th November Time: 20 mins
Subject: English Level: Primary Group: 7 year old
Teaching objectives ·      To read a story book

·      To write about future using students imagination

Learning objectives ·      To listen to the story and enjoy it

·      To foster imagination

·      To write about future, if I find a magic little paper boat I will…

Anticipated difficulties ·      English native students
Learning styles ·      For visual learners we will use a book with colourful illustrations.

·      For kinaesthetic learners we have a hands-on activity a paper boat.

·      For auditory learners we have the story telling.




·      Fast learners can write their own story, I’ll travel to a new continent beneath the sea.
Cross-curricular aims ·      Literacy

·      Arts and Crafts

Key vocabulary



·      Boo-boo – wound

·      The moon shone – the moon shine

·      Blazed offshore – leave


·       Collaborative learning

·       Learning by doing

·       Learner-centred

·       Communicative approach

Warming-up “Guess what” Four objects 4 groups 5 mins
Introduction “A paper boat” Teacher- SS 1 mins
Presentation “The little paper boat” Book “The little paper boat” Teacher-SS 10 mins
Production “If I find a magic little paper boat I will” Worksheet 4 groups 5 min
Follow up work Encourage students to explain the places they will visit on the boat
Assessment of learners ·      Direct observation during the activities

·      Worksheet “If I find a magic little paper boat I’ll…”

Evaluation ·      Check the students’ engagement and motivation

·      Degree of attainment of the objectives

Teacher’s reflection Students enjoy the book, It was written to second language learners but natives enjoy it too!
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