When September comes!

We start a new school year and we need to plan our goals, be sure you have new ideas to practice, this is the first step of innovetion. When I start a new group I always follow these steps:

  • Read the legal documentation it applys to your group
  • Be critical and check your course book
  • Prepare an inicial evaluation
  • Define your teaching objectives
  • Learn students’ name

Nowadays in Madrid, LOMCE is applied in Primary and Secondary Education and we have to be careful and kwow which contents we need to teach.


Royal decree 126:2014 28th February

Decree 89:2014 24th July Madrid

Be critical with your course book and check:

  • Does it have all the contents that LOMCE ask?
  • Which approach does it have?

I remember checking some Social and English books and it is a real bad feeling when you realise that there are some missing contents, you can’t think that the book is «the truth», be critical and check in advance.

Another problem is the approach, every book has an approach. Do you want to follow this approach? Do you really need the book and how are you going to do it?

When you have cristal clear these two points, we have to move to the more important «students». Take into account that our main point is to develop learning and we as teachers need to know what are our students can do or can’t do. It’s time to prepare the initial evaluation.

Finaly we need to create our teaching objectives, we know what our students can or can’t  do, what contents you have to teach and how you can reach then so let’s start.

Keep calm and memorice students name, it’s really importat to call studetns by their names and in this way you’ll start creating a good relationship.

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