Think – Pair – Share Technique


Remember that no thinking no learning, I love this technique, you can use it in a plan activity or on the spur of the moment, it develops cognition. First you divide the class in pairs you can use it with:

  • Concepts review
  • Jigsaw reading
  • Brainstorming
  • Quiz reviews
  • Topic development
  • Discussion questions

This technique is divided in three steps:

  1. Think individually
  2. Work in pairs to solve a problem
  3. Share their ideas with the class

Imagine you give a text that students individual have to read, after reading you formulate a question, it has to be a «fat question«. You also give students time to formulate an idea.

Next students work in pairs, we are fostering the ability to consider other points of view and students discuss their ideas as the teacher circulate and listen to the conversations, we can perform formative assessment.

Finally students share their own ideas with the class with the teacher guide, at this point we perform other assessment and fix misunderstanding but take into account creativity, some answers aren’t right, but there are awesome.



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